Discovering India – Bhuj

I travel less. But people say they have seen me many times with a backpack in the wee hours of the day. It's partly true I accept. Only that their 'many' are my few (It won't exhaust your fingers counting!). Of those few (or many) travel one was to Bhuj.  On a cold winter morning, with … Continue reading Discovering India – Bhuj


On Loneliness, Crowdliness, and

"Folks (Not to be read like mitron, the latest fad)..., Who knows the answer, How did it all begin? I repeat, haʊ dɪd ɪt ɔːl bɪˈɡɪn  Yea. I can see a raised hand there. You...A bit louder... Whaat! The Big Bang. What is that kid! Kids, hey, what is he saying.Bang and all. Oy padre, can you help me with this. You … Continue reading On Loneliness, Crowdliness, and